Who is XaviourX ?

XaviourX Is the Act, The energetic union of one or more souls to create  Abundance of Love and Fortune in this dimension.

Character name/Xaviourx Xeno:  

Former front man and brainchild of 1996 – 2000 band ImAjiK theatrical rock Group from Perth, Western Australia.

Spirit elemental from the realm of AmAjikA who surfaced to create change on a global scale.


World Blues & Roots Fusion act who took on the role of Spirit Messenger in 2004… Playing Acoustic Guitar and Didgeridoo and creating backing tracks on digital devices fusing Raw organic earth instruments with synthetic airy rhythms.

His writings invoke heart awakenings…Frequencial solfeggio healing sounds. Delving into multiple genres including:

Latino, Middle Eastern, Country ,EDM, RnB, HipHip, Australian tribal roots, Pop, Folk and multi lingual tones and chants.